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Named for the esprit-de-corps that bound the original 100 explorers/warriors/traders that left Earth so long ago, the Explorer Corps is the most dedicated to what we understand as mankind's true vision. We believe that many others have abandoned the old ways of justice, honor and free will, some have been corrupted and manipulated by the corrupt ways of the megacorps, the honorless and those who would use new scientific knowledge for their own gain and not that of the masses.

Strength, more than anything, defines the Explorer Corps. Strength through identity, unity, strength of arms, strength of purpose. From warrior to explorer to trader, every member of the Explorer Corps works within his or her caste to benefit the Corps and thereby strengthening our society as a whole. Thriving as we have in previously unknown regions of space and preparing for the tasks that lie ahead has certainly not been an easy life; as our founders have called it the "Great Challenge". But at the end of this difficult path lies a glorious vision. Forgotten by many in their weakness, this vision is remembered by us, as we strive to seize the future that once belonged to all mankind.

We recognize the Trials still to be faced; we must yet contend with treachery and the foolish opposition of those that have chosen to disregard our glorious forefathers' true designs. But the hotter the forge, the keener the blade that emerges from it. We do not smirk at confrontation; we embrace it, and turn adversity into victory. That is the way of the Corps, and the Corps one immutable law: only the strong may lead!