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We thought long and hard about how this would all come together.  In the end we decided this:

  • We want to do this the right way.  Right now, we ARE NOT planning on using your yearly donations to pay for the expenses of running the community.  The expenses are minuscule compared to what we can accomplish if we had just 100 Supporters.
  • We would accept a yearly donation of 12 U.S. Dollars from each of our members who choose to become Supporters.
  • We would choose an established worthy charity every month and donate 1 U.S. Dollar to that charity for every registered Supporter we currently have.  
  • We will always be 100% transparent about where the money we have collected gets used.
  • We have set a goal of 200 Supporters for the year of 2019.  If we meet that goal, that would mean in February of 2020 we would be able to donate 200 U.S. Dollars that month to a worthy rebutable charitable cause.  That doesn't even count the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars we would have donated to causes up to that point.  As we grow our donation power only gets bigger.
  • We will always make sure that the funds we collect go to Trustworthy and Verified Charitable Organizations.  We are not going to just hand of a wad of cash to anybody who calls themselves a charity.